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Such a sweet and beautiful pink ocean jasper. Perfect little orbs everywhere!

I cut out the design in the back with Doctor Who and the Gallifreyan language in mind.
Now, yes, this ring is NOT blue, but who says all Time Lords prefer blue?
Can't a Time Lord love pink? Of course they could. Of course.

This stone was hand cut and polished by a local Seattle-area lapidary artist. He cut, ground and polished this stone! As such it is not perfect! In addition to the handmade nature of the stone, the setting is also handmade, but by me!
I used sterling silver and fine silver to fabricate the setting, and the ring shank for this piece. After fabrication, and a bit of sanding, the ring gets a black patina, then the stone is set by hand, completely without glue of any kind. Simply a great fit and a little bit of science. Plus maybe a little fiction. :]

Size: 8.5 to 9.5
1.25 inches by 5/8 inches, and about 3/8 inches tall

Pink Ocean Jasper Bezel Set Ring - Size 8.5-9.5 OOAK
Pink Ocean Jasper Bezel Set Ring - Size 8.5-9.5 OOAK
US Size 9; 1.2"x1.2"x.5"